How to move during winter



Moving during the winter months can be difficult, especially during the holidays--but it can be made even worse in bad weather. Winter weather can be unpredictable and the last thing you want to do is move in inclement weather.

Sometimes moving during the winter just can't be avoided, so if you find yourself in a rainy or snowy situation, here are a few tips to help you get by.

Plan ahead of time for access to your home

In Houston, if you happen to be moving in cold or rainy weather, make sure you secure access to the loading dock and elevator in advance if you live in a building, or secure the nearest space to your apartment. Rushing at the last minute, especially on weekends or end of the month will only complicate matters. Make sure the moving truck is as close to your place as possible which will save you on additional time, additional labor and keep your moving costs low.

Make sure your utilities are set up in your new place

Make sure the utilities in your new house are all set up. Last thing you want to do is move into a new house to find that you’re without electricity, heat and/or hot water.

Protect the floors

Walking outdoors in the rain and then coming inside the house can make a mess of your floors, especially carpet. The best thing to do is tape down a few pieces of heavy cardboard or plastic sheeting in high traffic areas. Professional, reliable movers will plan ahead of time and accommodate for flooring especially during inclement weather.

Protect your stuff

If it is raining while you’re moving, make sure your items are covered with moving pads and plastic wrap to keep things dry.

Hire BestRate Moving!

If there was ever a time to hire professional movers, this would be it. Have the experts pack and load your belongings and transport everything to your new home. Driving in the inclement weahter is dangerous enough as it is, so just imagine driving an unfamiliar moving truck in bad weather! Best to leave it to the professionals!

Treat yourself

You’re tired, and don’t want to go out. But you can’t imagine having the energy to cook, either. Treat yourself, and order in! Dinner is delivered right to your door and you can either take a nap on the couch, lie down with a book or, if you’re so inclined, start unpacking a few things.


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Moving is both an exciting and stressful experience for many reasons, one of the main ones being the long list of things to do from the decision you take to move, until the first day in your new home. Should you move during the week or in the weekend? Which is better, cheaper, more convenient and easier? Both moving during the week and in the weekend have their pros and cons. However, relocating at the time that is most convenient to you is important so let’s take a look at what those two options may offer.

Is It Cheaper to Move During the Week?

If we are talking only moneywise, there could be a difference with moving during the week and moving in one weekend. Since weekends is the time when most people choose to move, movers are busier and some companies have higher rates for weekend moves. This means that you may find it harder to secure reliable weekend movers and may have to pay higher moving costs when you do, especially in summer and during the first and last weekends of a month which is the busiest time for moving companies. The same goes true more so if those weekends match a holiday.

If you have to consider another aspect of the move, i.e. your time, then the picture will be different. If you’re like most people then you have a regular full day 9 to 5 job which keeps you busy during the day except for weekends and holidays. This is where waiting til the last minute to secure movers may cost you more, especially if you’re also looking for last minute weekend moving services.

Cost is always the main issue with every move. The time matters as well because weekends is when most people plan their moves and although road traffic is lower, you want to account for securing an elevator to your building, that you’ve secured the loading dock or space, that you’ve completed any packing on your own, and you’re aware of any weekend road construction or road closures. Although these factors aren’t as widely faced during weekday moves, you want to instead account for morning and evening traffic congestion.

We, at BestRate Moving, make relocating quick and simple by offering the same rates on weekday and weekend moves. We can quickly give you an estimate and inform you on ways to cut additional costs associated with moving. So, take the time to establish what time is suitable for you – weekday or weekend, and we are available to consult with you on your moving needs!

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